FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Most answers here pertain to Irish building regulations, but indeed where ever you are always check with a legitimate professional source before you make any decisions or advance with a project. The answers below are general guidelines and T Hutt & Associates make no claim as to their validity in regards to any project until a comprehensive survey has been completed.

Question - Do I need planning permission for my extension?

Answer - You may or may not need permission depending on the size and location of the extension. For a detached house the total floor area must not exceed 40m² although if it is a semi detached or terraced home that area is reduced to 12m² and the extension must not be visible from the front elevation. It is best to sit down with an architect and go over your plan to determine the course of action.

Question - How much does it cost to have a set of house plans done?

Answer - The pricing varies from the size of the development to the amount of work to be carried out by a qualified professional. Full design services and planning permission for a four bedroom detached dwelling would be around €1700 Euro. Some homes may be as much as €5000 Euro if a detailed management of the project or a specialist is required. An extension could cost as little as €300 to €800 Euro or more depending on whether planning permission is required. The pricing may vary so much that it is always a good idea to have a consultation with your designer first. They should be able to quote you before commissioning of services.

Question - What are the fixed costs to getting permission in Ireland?

Answer - There are certain fixed costs to a design to which your designer must pay when submitting a planning application. They are the newspaper ad (€60 - €200) a set of Ordinance Survey Maps (€80 - €110) and the planning authority fees (€34 - €65 or considerably more depending on the development or retention).

Question - What is retention and do I need it?

Answer - Retention is the process of getting permission from the council or governing body to which works have been previously carried out without the authority of the council. Architects will be able to let you know if you require retention based on a site survey or meeting.

Question - How can I make my home more energy efficient?

Answer - There are several ways to make your home "greener" and warmer. Insulation, heat recovery, alternative methods of heating (like solar or heat pumps) and energy (wind turbines, solar collectors) are just a few of the techniques available. The right system for you would be determined by existing space, orientation, budget, and design criteria.

Question - Do I need to get permission for a garage or shed?

Answer - It depends on the size, juxtaposition and whether there are any other out buildings already built on site. 25m² is the largest floor area allowed provided there are no other out buildings in situ and the development falls within the confines of the governing regulations.